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SETatWork Assessment Tool

If you are interested in becoming involved in carbon trading, then you need to consider your emission position.

This Assessment Tool has been designed by the SETatWork team to help you find the most economical option for you to answer your CO2 emission problems, leading to reduction of emissions through investing in either internal or external projects. It will also provide you with a cost overview for implementing and conducting your own CDM/JI project, providing (for example) typical trading (fixed and variable) costs, as well as an overview of the CO2 situation.

The Tool will also guide you to a wide range of resources that will help you make the right decision whether your company is considering buying or selling carbon certificates or just wishes to reduce its level of CO2 emissions. It will also help you identify the important steps required for you to reach your targets, providing examples of good practice and calculation of reduction measures.

While using the tool, you will be asked a series of questions. The aim of the tool is to help the user, so the answers you give will not be stored by SETatWork.

As you navigate the SETatWork Assessment Tool, further information that may help you to answer the questions or implement the suggested actions will be displayed in the information panel to the right of this window.

To move to the various sections of the tool, select an option in the menu on the left.

If you click on a link which moves you to another page of the tool - use the Previous Section option to return to where you were. The Previous Section option can be found at the top of the menu.

Select from the menu to investigate the possibilities to:


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Supporting information about the EU ETS (European Union Emission Trading Scheme), CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) and JI (Joint Implementation) is also available within this tool:

While using the tool, links will appear directing you to the SETatWork Database and/or additional information within the SETatWork website. This information can also be accessed by clicking on SETatWork Database or SETatWork Home Page at the bottom of the menu on the left of this page.