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SETatWork Partners

The SETatWork project consists of 10 partners from Europe (supported by a subcontractor), 4 partners from Asia and 1 partner from South America.


European Partners

European Subcontractor

Asian and South American Partners

Energy Consulting Network (ECNet)

Logo - ECNet

Energy Consulting Network
Soren Frichsvej 42D, 8230 Aabyhoj, Denmark
Tel: +45 8613 8056   Fax: +45 8613 8317


Coordination & WP3: Nils Daugaard
Training: Lars Munkøe
Administration: Pernille Nøddekær

Responsibilities: Project Coordinator and responsible for RUE Project Identification, Tools & Networking (WP3) and Training (WP5)


Energy Consulting Network Ltd (ECNet) is a Danish company of energy consultants and planners. It was established in April 2000 and consists of six partners and staff employed on project basis. Its mission is to contribute to the implementation and dissemination of sustainable energy and environmental systems. ECNet works for private and public sector clients as well as for international donors and IFIs. This includes EU (Phare, Tacis, FP, EIE), World Bank, EBRD, Nordic Council of Ministers and Danish bilateral programmes. Consultancy is ECNet's main activity, incorporating: overall planning, energy economy, training, capacity building, policy advice, design and implementation of energy and environment projects. The consultants of Energy Consulting Network form a professional group of energy planners, financial experts, policy advisors, management consultants and technical experts.

The key tasks of ECNet in the SETatWork Project are:

  • Undertake contract management
  • Coordinate work on project identification and networking
  • Help to coordinate training activities and contribute to promotion & dissemination work etc

ECNet has gained experience for working on these tasks from numerous international projects on sustainable energy technology and carbon markets. This includes networking oriented actions like the present proposal, including experience from managing the FP6 Technology at Work (T@W) project.

KEWOG Städtebau GmbH, Unit ZREU (ZREU)

Logo - ZREU

KEWOG Städtebau GmbH, Unit ZREU
Blumenstraße 24, 93055 Regensburg, Germany
Tel: +49 941 464 19 15

Contact: André Suck, Josef Konradl, Annette Sorg

Responsibilities: Market Observance (WP2) and Workshops and Events (WP5)


ZREU is a unit of KEWOG Städtebau GmbH, an international consulting company, with the overall aim to promote and implement the sustainable use of energy on a broad basis and to actively influence technological progress and innovation. ZREU as member of the OPET-Network since its very beginning is involved in international transfer of energy efficiency and RE technologies and dissemination and exploitation activities, as well as marketing of EU RTD results for more than 15 years.

Key competence and skills in relation to SETatWork:

  • International business co-operation and technology transfer;
  • Promotion and dissemination of successfully demonstrated technologies;
  • Organisation of workshops and conferences on innovative energy technologies and ETS market prospects;
  • Development of training material and courses on energy efficiency and renewable energy;
  • Verification audits for JI projects, set up of CO2 emissions inventories for ETS companies, presentations and industry training on European CO2 emissions trading scheme;
  • Market surveys and sector/country analysis;
  • Management and co-ordination of EU-RTD projects

ZREU is responsible for the market observance work package and the task project assessment tools of the RUE project identification, Tools & Networking work package. In addition, the organisation of the ETS training material production will be an important part of the ZREU work.

KanEnergi Sweden AB

Logo - Kanenergi

KanEnergi Sweden AB
Gråbrödragatan 11, 532 21 Skara, Sweden
Tel: +46 708 27 97 28

Contacts: Gunnar Ingelman

For enquiries about Good Practice:

Responsibilities: Evaluation, strategy (WP6), good practice assessments (WP2) and match-making (WP4)


KanEnergi is an international consultancy company with offices in Oslo and Skara. Working with governmental authorities, private companies and NGOs in industrial developed and developing countries, it strives to support sustainable and rational development of the society, in particular in relation to generation and use of energy. KanEnergi's assignment in this context is to provide return on investment advice based on the principle of sustainability.

Key competence and projects in relation to SETatWork:

  • analysis and co-ordination of the set-up of a centre for businesses relating to environmental technologies in the region Skaraborg;
  • co-ordination of the CO-OPET contract for Swedish Energy Agency;
  • co-ordination of the actions related to workshops, case studies and Annual conference in the ManagEnergy initiative as well in conjunction with the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign;
  • export initiatives in EU-funded projects (like Green Energy Cluster) and trade fair and match-making activities on behalf of Swedish Energy Agency;
  • advisory role to companies like Statoil, Norsk Hydro, Nycomb Synergetics, Alstom Power and ABB in market assessments and project developments.

KanEnergi is responsible for the match-making activities and the evaluation and strategy work package.

CPL Press

Logo - CPL Press

CPL Press
Tall Gables, The Sydings, Speen, Newbury, Berks RG14 1RZ, UK
Tel/Fax: +44 1635 569787

Contact: Katy Hall

Responsibilities: SETatWork website and other promotion and dissemination activities (WP5)


CPL Press is responsible for WP5 within the SETatWork Project. CPL Press is a UK-based private limited liability SME involved in life science publishing in printed and electronic formats that has a long history of working on EC-funded programmes and projects. CPL combines knowledge of the agro-industrial, RES/RUE, biotechnology and environmental industries with over twenty years of experience in scientific publishing. CPL designs and manages easy to use and navigate large (several thousand page) information sites based on complex relational databases. Examples include the sites developed for a number of EC-funded initiatives:,, and, as well as the CPL Press Online Bookshop ( CPL has established a reputation as a publisher of high quality, technical and scientific works as printed or electronic media (CD-ROMs).

CPL staff involved in the SETatWork project have assisted several DGs of the European Commission in numerous activities since the 1980s, through services provided directly or via EC-funded projects. Contributions include technical reports and assessment studies, as well as content, design and/or publication of a wide range of catalogues, conference programmes, brochures, maps, leaflets and posters.

European Partners

Responsibilities: European partners in SETatWork contribute by identifying key information for the project and supporting SET/RTD promotion in target areas.

Sofia Energy Centre (SEC)

Logo - SEC

Sofia Energy Centre
37 Galitchitsa Str, entr 2, 2nd floor 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel/Fax: +359 2 962 8447

Contact: Ivanka Pandelieva


Sofia Energy Centre (SEC) is an independent energy consultancy company established as a successor of European Community Energy Centre Sofia. SEC has gained a lot of experience in the field of different EU energy programmes implementation in Bulgaria, such as PHARE, SYNERGY, SAVE, THERMIE and ENERGIE projects and actions. The main fields of activity are thematic promotion, information dissemination and assistance in market penetration of EU energy efficient and environmetally friendly technologies in Bulgaria and in the Balkans. During 1998-2002 SEC was consequently coordinating FEMOPET Bulgaria (a Fellow Member to the Organisations for Promotion of Energy Technologies) and Balkan OPET Consortia. SEC was also taking part in OPET Buildings, OPET CHP /DH and OPET Clean Fossil Fuel Clusters (2003-2004).

SEC has been involved in FP6 T@W Project dealing with promotion of sustainable energy technologies in Bulgarian market and encouraging project initiation for JI and EU ETS scheme financing. SEC has been implementing targeted sets of actions to promote rational use of energy and utilisation of renewable energies in order to support sustainable development of the society, as follows:

  • Promotion of energy efficiency in industry (including energy industry – Bulgarian district heating sector) and in buildings; energy management in industry and in buildings;
  • Promotion of CHP/Small CHP technology in the Bulgarian District Heating Sector, as well as in small industries (hotels, textile companies, etc.) and other suitable sites for Small Scale CHP ;
  • A number of RES technologies – solar energy (thermal and PV), biomass – solid agricultural and wood wastes; potential of wind turbines along Bulgarian Black Sea Coast ;

SEC has also implemented targeted promotion and dissemination actions for municipal/local authorities.

Confederation of Danish Industries (DI)

Logo - Confederation of Danish Industries

Confederation of Danish Industries
H C Andersens Boulevard 18, DK-1787 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Tel: +45 3377 3748

Contact: Peter Helk


The Confederation of Danish Industries (Dansk Industri - DI) is a private organisation currently funded, owned and managed entirely by 7,000 companies within manufacturing and service industry in Denmark. This incorporates a majority of Danish ETS companies as well as sustainable energy technology suppliers.

DI's activities could be categorised as follows:

  • Policy advocacy - at local, national and international level
  • Membership services - information, advisory services and consulting
  • Network relations - between members and with society at large

Thus DI is a trade organisation and an employers' association. In its capacity of trade organisation DI ensures that the Danish business community has the optimum basis for competing, developing and manufacturing in Denmark and internationally.

DI is a member of BUSINESSEUROPE - the Voice of Business in Europe. Through BUSINESSEUROPE DI has close relationships with 39 member federations in 33 European countries.

A key role of DI in the SETatWork action will be to facilitate contacts to Danish industry as well industries all around Europe via the BUSINESSEUROPE network.

Energia Transporti Agricultura (ETA) Florence

ETA Florence - Renewable Energies
Piazza Savonarola 10, 50132 Florence, Italy
Tel: +39 055 5002174 Fax: +39 055 573425

Contact: Angela Grassi, Filippo Vivarelli


Energia Transporti Agricultura (ETA) Florence - Renewable Energies has been operating for almost a decade in the Renewable Energy sector, with a particular focus on Biomass. With a team of experienced engineers, economists and jurists and a multilanguage staff to coordinate international contacts, ETA has built a sound and wide-ranging experience in the development, application and implementation of Renewable Energy systems, and especially of the Biomass projects. Since 2007, the company has been looking to use bioenergy for Kyoto related targets, knowing that Kyoto will be impossible to implement without the large share that bioenergy can offer, and on the other hand that biomass needs in many cases the driver of the Protocol targets to lead to concrete projects. ETA is also the organiser of the (now) yearly European Biomass Conference (

ETA has gained a large experience in research, demonstration and promotion actions in the field of bioenergy and biofuels, e.g. conversion and use of liquid biofuels (like bioethanol and pyrolysis oil) for energy production and utilisation as transport fuels. ETA ’s skills cover a wide range of technical activities, included the assessment of the socio-economic follow-up at regional and local scale of sustainable energy initiatives.

ETA is a charter memberof EUBIA (European Biomass Industry Association), a founding partner of the Florence Energy Agency, founding partner of the Regional Energy Agency, a member of the Italian Biofuels Committee.

Primum Polska Sp. z o.o.

Logo - Ecofys Polska

Primum Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Garbary 56, PL-61-758 Poznań, Poland
Tel: +48 61 858 28 00/09   Fax: +48 61 858 28 01

Contact: Natalia Makowska or Maria Szweykowska-Muradin


In October 2009, Ecofys Poland Sp. z o.o. became a member of the international planning-engineering group Aveco de Bondt, and changed its name to Primum Polska Sp. z o.o. Primum Polska continues to offer services in the field of energy and climate change policy studies, development and implementation of energy and climate change protection projects for communities, housing corporations industry and energy companies. The company is deeply involved in knowledge dissemination to all key actors in the market. Good knowledge of the Polish EU ETS industry, coordination and participation in many EU-funded projects as well as good expertice on carbon markets and promotion/educational activities are the key competence and projects in relation to this proposal. 

Within SETatWork, Primum Polska is responsible for covering the Polish ETS industry in terms of promotion, training & matchmaking activities and engaging Polish companies in the JI/CDM market.

Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica, Pólo IST (IDMEC–IST)


Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica, Pólo IST (IDMEC–IST)
Av Rovisco Pais 1, 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: +351 218 417 377 / 218 417 278    Fax: +351 218 475 545

Contact: Sandrina Pereira


The Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IDMEC-IST) is one of the research institutes of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). The IST was founded in 1911 and has become one of the biggest and best known Engineering College in Portugal and nowadays is inserted in the Technical University of Lisbon. It undertakes 22 undergraduate courses and over 35 postgraduate training courses in the areas of Engineering, Science & Technology. The rgESD-Research Group on Energy and Sustainable Development is part of IST Mechanical Engineering Department, and has been developing its activities since 1985 in the development of tools to simulate and to optimize the design, operation and control of full-scale energy equipment. Later the group has redirected part of its research efforts to the development of tools and practices for energy management, RUE, RES technologies and its potential in remote areas.

The rgESD has over 50 Researchers, Technicians and Administrative Staff, namely 8 Professors, 6 Post-Doc Researchers, 14 Ph.D. students, 3 MSc. Students, 5 Diploma students, 2 Engineers, 5 Research Assistants, 3 Technicians and 7 Administrative staff.

Energy Centre Bratislava (ECB)

Energy Centre Bratislava
Ambrova 35, SK-831 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Tel: +421 2 593 000 91

Contacts: Marcel Lauko


The Energy Centre Bratislava is non-governmental, not-for-profit information and consulting organisation which has been working in the Slovak Republic since 1993. In 1998, the Energy Centre Bratislava and the Slovak Energy Agency became a member of the EU OPET/FEMOPET network. The principal goal of ECB activities is the promotion and support measures and activities aimed at increasing energy efficiency and improving environmental protection in the Slovak Republic. The objective of the ECB is likewise to contribute to increasing of public energy awareness. By transferring innovative technologies and supporting the implementation of concrete projects, activities and legislative changes, the ECB plays an active part in improvement of the Slovak energy sector. The methods used to fulfil this goal include activities in the following fields:

  • Rational Use of Energy (RUE) – Energy efficiency technology, energy advisory, energy management techniques, district heating, central heating, etc.
  • Promoting the use of renewable energy sources ( RES ) – Thermal solar, small hydro, wind, biomass, biogas and geothermal energy
  • Efficient and clean use of fossil fuels – Co-generation, gas boilers

Within WP2, ECB will source new and/or ongoing projects starting with PINs (project idea notes) until the latest stage of project development, including networking activities between EU researchers and market actors worldwide.

Within WP3, ECB will bring relevant market players together. Within WP4, ECB will compile all necessary knowledge and experience of the carbon market development, encompassing RTD needs of relevance for EU research, good practice project examples, identification of market failures in favour of reproduced applications. WP5 activities include preparation of strategies for the further promotion at carbon markets, including helping export strategies for European technology suppliers. Promotion and dissemination activities via professional magazines, conferences & symposia & workshops presentations.

European Subcontractor

In order to strengthen the operations in the EU ETS market and connecting the EU ETS to JI and CDM the SETatWork project will supplement its project team with the company FutureCamp GmbH (Germany) in form of a subcontract, thereby adding some specific skills and services.


Logo - FutureCamp

FutureCamp GmbH
Chiemgaustr. 116, 81549 München, Germany
Tel: +49 89 45 22 67 0   Fax: +49 89 45 22 67 11


FutureCamp Climate GmbH brings together expertise in the fields of climate protection and emissions trading (EU ETS, JI, CDM, voluntary carbon market, carbon neutrality), technology development (water monitoring, mobile health, decentral power systems, carbon-based nanomaterials) as well as innovation management (workshops, training, scenario techniques).

Of relevance to the SETatWork project FutureCamp possesses in-depth experience in the following fields of emissions trading:

  • Strategic consulting on all issues of EU-emissions trading, JI & CDM and other climate protection projects, knowledge transfer, studies and expert opinions
  • Corporate strategies regarding GHG-emissions, trading activities, compliance and market development
  • Due Diligence of JI/CDM project ideas
  • Hands-on experience in implementing JI- & CDM-projects.
  • Technical advise and support through the entire project cycle for companies to realise JI- & CDM-projects
  • Project design, baseline and monitoring methodology services
  • Defining new services, business ideas or products
  • Risk management with respect to GHGs and Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAs)
  • Political and legal developments on international (UNFCCC), European and national levels, annual participation in COPs and COP/MOPs as well as meetings of subsidiary bodies and EB/JISC-meetings.

Specifically FutureCamp will give valuable input on:

  • Climate Summit Side Event (conceptual input and realization)
  • Promotion at Third-Party Events (dissemination)
  • Website (specifically further development of Assessment Tool)

The subcontract will refer to the WP2 leader ZREU

Asian and South American Partners

Responsibilities: Asian and South American partners in SETatWork contribute by identifying key information of EU relevance for the project and supporting SET/RTD promotion in target areas

Asesorías Profesionales P. Lehuedé Ltda (APLE)

Logo - Asesorías Profesionales P. Lehuedé Ltda (APLE)

Asesorías Profesionales P. Lehuedé Ltda
3401 of 22 Apoquindo, Las Condes - Santiago, 7550206 Chile

Tel: +56 2 2451015  Fax: +56 2 2341398

Contact: Jose M. Lehuede


APLE Consultores is a Chilean consulting company focused on environmental and energy issues consulting and advisory work. Since 2000 APLE has been working with companies from different areas of Chilean manufacturing industry, including mining, steel foundries, rubber manufactory, food processing, fishfarming (salmon), cement, ceramics, hotels and tourism and energy generation among others. It has also worked for industrial associations and federations managing environmental and energy issues from a industrial point of view participating on public-private initiatives for policy making as well as the development of management instruments for industry.

Key competence and projects in relation to this proposal:

  • CDM diagnosis in Chile, projects and state of purchase of CERs
  • Analysis on the situation of Chilean CDM projects related to landfill gas flaring and burning
  • Coordination of industry table at the participation network for the National Energy Efficiency Programme
  • Coordination of diagnosis of the state of the art of the efficiency on electric energy use in the foundry industry
  • CDM diagnosis and strategic plan development for energy efficiency for thermal energy generation company
  • Participation on CDM validation and verification audits for hydroelectric projects in Chile and Peru

APLE will be responsible for activities related to match-making as well as and evaluation and strategy.

Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conservation, Chinese Academy
of Science (GIEC)

Logo - GIEC

Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conservation
Chinese Academy of Science, No 2, Nengyuan Road, Wushan
Tianhe District, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China

Tel: +86 20 87057771   Fax: +86 20 87057761

Contact: Luo Zhigang


Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC), an institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was established as the national base for new & renewable research & development and as a lead institute for energy efficiency R&D in 1978. GIEC also cooperates in compiling and disseminating information on technologies, projects and regulations, advising and guiding market actors and provincial governments on the application process for rational use of energy and energy efficiency, selecting and disseminating to target interested subjects, of EU calls of proposals concerning the European R&D, demonstration, and innovation programs. Moreover, GIEC has taken an active role in the realization of an infrastructure network in the frame of EC DG-TREN programme, and keeps close contact with research institutions and market actors in EU.

Zhejiang Energy Research Institute of China (ZERI)

Logo - Zhejiang Energy Research Institute of China

Zhejiang Energy Research Institute of China
218 Wen'er Road, Hangzhou 310012, China
Tel: +86 571 88840792   Fax:+86 571 88807234

Contact: Huang Dongfeng


Zhejiang Energy Research Institute (ZERI) is a Chinese research institution, set up in 1977 in Hangzhou of China. Its mission is to promote energy sustainable development, through following activities:

  • Domestic/regional energy policy study, market analyses on energy efficient (EE) and renewable energy (RE) technologies,
  • RTD and dissemination of the advanced energy technologies, such as solar PV, Solar thermal and geothermal heat pump technologies, CHP /trigeneration etc.,
  • Publication of bi- monthly technical periodical – “Energy Engineering” (in Chinese)
  • Professional training for Chinese energy managers and decision makers etc.
  • Consultation for decision making departments and enterprise etc.

The key tasks of ZERI in SETatWork are to:

  • Provide network and insight into Chinese local markets for EU technology supplier and investors etc,
  • Identify focuses for making match,
  • Promote penetration of targeted EU technologies in Chinese market,
  • Develop CDM projects related to energy efficiency in targeted industrial sector,
  • Organize training courses targeted at energy intensive sectors, collaboration with EU partners.

ZERI has qualified staff with rich experience of both energy expertise and international cooperation on energy sustainable and carbon market, and good network with local governmental departments concerned, industrial enterprises and association etc. in respective region.

The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI)

Logo - TERI

Centre for Global Environment Research (CGER),
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI),
India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003, India
Tel: +91 11 2468 2100 / 24682111
Fax: +91 11 2468 2144 / 24682145

Contacts: Sasanka Thilakasiri, Suruchi Bhadwal, Preety Bhandari


As a unique developing-country institution, TERI is deeply committed to every aspect of sustainable development, from providing environment-friendly solutions to rural energy problems to tackling global climate change issues. TERI has regional centres in Bangalore, Goa and Guwahati, and a presence in Japan, Russia and United Arab Emirates, as well as affiliate institutes world wide

Key competence and projects in relation to the SETatWork project:

TERI has carried out hundreds of detailed energy audits covering almost all sectors/types of industries. TERI has also been working extensively with small-scale industry (such as foundry, brick, glass, ceramics, textile, silk reeling, cardamom, and rubber industry) for the adoption of environmentally sound technologies. The TERI-Canada Energy Efficiency Project, funded by the CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) is working on promoting energy efficiency and conservation through education and the analysis of market-based as well as fiscal and regulatory approaches. This is a collaborative project between TERI, IISD (International Institute for Sustainable Development), PIAD (Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development), and AEI (Asian Energy Institute).

Centre for Energy Environment Resource Development (CEERD)

Logo - CEERD

CEERD, SLD Building 7B, 13 Soi Saladaeng 1, Off Rama IV Road
Silom Sub-district, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 235 5817 / +66 2 629 09 12

Contact: Thierry Lefevre, François Lefevre


CEERD is part of the Foundation for International Human Resource Development (FIHRD), a Thai Foundation with an international orientation, and is a non-profit organisation. CEERD conducts training, research and consultancy on energy-environment economics, planning, modelling, policy, markets, and technology in the framework of international cooperation projects to strengthen the capacity of national governments in Asia and the Pacific. Since 2003, CEERD has been endorsed by the ACE Governing Council and the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Energy (SOME) as a member of ACE nodal network, at the request of the Ministry of Energy of Thailand. CEERD and its experts have more than 15 years of experience in the Asia Pacific Region in the field of energy and environment, and have built up strong links with key institutions in many countries in the Region, including India, Japan, PR China and all ASEAN Countries. Its network includes government agencies, universities, NGOS and the private sector.

CEERD fields of expertise include:

  • Energy analysis and long-term sectoral demand and Supply forecasting with environment assessment;
  • Energy-environmental database development, including energy indicators;
  • Energy efficiency and conservation, and fuel switching, including energy efficiency indicators in Asia;
  • Methodologies and models for regional or country studies, such as: strategic environmental assessment, energy-environment master plan and preparation of action plans;
  • Market prospects and opportunities in the energy sectors in selected Asian countries;
  • Privatization process in the energy sectors in Asian countries;
  • International cooperation and networking on energy-environment;
  • International climate change issues and policies;
  • Industry, environment, and clean technologies;
  • Energy, environment and trade;
  • Energy and sustainable development (CDM management, PINs, PDDs, etc...).

CEERD has undertaken or implemented many research, training, and consultancy projects with the ADB, APEC, FAO, IAEA, IEA, IIEC, NEDO; UNDP, UNUNESCAP, the World Bank, and various programmes of the EC, including Asia-Invest, Asia-URBS, INCO-Dev, Synergy, EAEF, ENRICH, FP6, Pro Eco, SPF -Thailand, and other international and national institutions.

In Asia, CEERD activities are mainly focused on the Asia Pacific Region, but with special emphasis on the APEC, ASEAN and GMS regions.