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Business Opportunities for EU ETS Companies

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By minimizing dependency on fossil fuels and improving operational efficiencies, companies governed by the EU ETS can save money, reduce compliance costs and avoid other financial burdens related to greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing emissions can help derive a number of additional benefits apart from improving environmental impacts, e.g. this provides new opportunities for:

  • Improving productivity and quality of production patterns: Often companies that examine their operations and regulate greenhouse gases are likely to explore new ways to improve and upgrade operations to increase productivity and thus potentially save money.
  • Promoting company profile: Climate protection is good public relations, especially as consumers begin to notice the effects of global warming and force companies to respond. Being recognised as a prime mover responding to the climate concern by applying innovative solutions can provide new opportunities for companies to promote their products.
  • Reducing uncertainties of future commitments: By commencing emission reduction activities in the initial phase companies can prepare themselves for a future that is likely to be "carbon constrained" and reduce the risk of being unprepared for future regulations.