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Guidance on How to Use the SETatWork Partner Search Service

This site contains contact details and descriptions of many European organisations, including Sustainable Energy and Carbon Market Service Providers able to offer advice and to participate in joint ventures.

This Partner Search facility enables you to search for Project Ideas and Partner Search Requests to find Partners for your Energy Efficiency, Carbon Market and Sustainable Energy Technology projects.

You can also search All Technology and Service Providers listed in this database to identify contacts that match your search criteria.

You will also find Partner Search Reports listed in the Reports section of Country, Organisation and Keyword pages. You can access these by:

  • Key Theme using the Menus to the left of this page
  • Subject using the Keyword Index or Keyword Menus
  • Embedded Word Search using the search box (above left) from any page of this website

Please be aware that not all countries listed in this partner search are eligible for grants under EU-funded programmes such as Intelligent Energy - Europe and the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), nor may they be Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Check the official UNFCCC ( and European Commission ( websites for further information on eligibility.

SETatWork maintains this partner search service to assist organisations who are looking for partners for project proposals for the implementation of Sustainable Energy Technologies in the Carbon Markets, as well as other related activities in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia within the themes covered by SETatWork.

Although all information is added in good faith, neither the SETatWork team members nor the European Commission accept responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the material on this site. See the disclaimer for further information.

When entering into a partnership with an organisation listed on this site we recommend that you check the credentials and suitability of that organisation for your proposed project early on in your discussions. For example, you should:

  • obtain copies of business accounts, CVs, company literature and other documentation required for submitting a proposal to Carbon Market programme, and European Commission programmes, or forming a partnership
  • discuss in detail the contribution to be made by any potential project partner
  • request details of other projects they have been involved in
  • request references and follow these up
How to use the Partner Search facility:

You can use the Partner Search facility to search:

  • Project Requests and Ideas on this website
  • All Technology and Service Providers on this website

Use the radio buttons at the top of the page to switch between the options

Search Project Partners
Search All Technology & Service Providers

to select a range of items in a menu:

  • click on the first option (it will be highlighted)
  • scroll to the bottom of the list
  • hold down the SHIFT key and then click on the last item in the list (all selected items will be highlighted)

to select or deselect individual items:

  • click on a option in the list (it will be highlighted)
  • hold down the CTRL key and then click on another item in the list (all selected items will be highlighted)
  • hold down the CTRL key and then click on another item in the list (all selected items will be highlighted)
  • hold down the CTRL key and then click on a highlighted item in the list (it will no longer be highlighted)

If multiple options are selected then the system searches by default using a Boolean AND operation. This means that it will only display Reports that Match ALL the search criteria.

  Match ALL search criteria    Match AT LEAST ONE of the search criteria 

You can change the selection using the radio buttons immediately above the search button. Running the search using a Boolean OR operation will display Reports that match Match AT LEAST ONE of the search criteria. This will usually give you more results than the Boolean AND search.

  AND - match ALL search criteria    Match AT LEAST ONE of the search criteria 

Note: It is not possible to search for Reports from more than one country at a time.