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Report: SETatWork Training Materials and Workshops

SETatWork has an emphasis on helping to improve energy efficiency in companies covered by the European Union Emission Trading scheme.

You can view training resources and the workshop schedule and proceedings on the SETatWork Training page:

In order to help us identify the training needs of the relevant industries, in November 2008 we created an online Training Needs Assessment questionnaire.

On the basis of the results from the questionnaire, Training Packages were created during Summer 2009 and handouts for these are also available on the Training Page. The Training Package Slide Sets are available from your national SETatWork Partner on request and will be used during SETatWork Training Workshops. A list of partners is also available in the Contacts section below.

Training Workshops will take place during 2009 and 2010. The schedule is also available on the Training page.

The final training programme will be targetted towards the following industries:

The broad range of countries represented through the project partners and the commitment from industrial associations will ensure the communication of training activities offered by the project will reach the industrial stakeholders and target group. The training will take place in 2009 and 2010 in the following countries:

The scope of the training will comprise both the technical aspects and management components, and efforts will be put into the design of training components, interfacing with management systems already in place in the industries. The training material will making use of available industrial studies, sector-based benchmarking, resources available from previously funded EU projects and other sources.

The results from the assessment have been combined with information gained during other SETatWork assessment activities in order to create Profiles for each country and to identify national priorities for SETatWork. The results can be viewed on the SETatWork Country Profiles page of this site.

Further information about the aims of the training can be found in the SETatWork project description: WP 5.2 Provision of training services

Further information about the European Union's Emission Trading Scheme can be found on the EU ETS page of this site.


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