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Good Practice: Portinho da Costa - A Water Treatment Plant with a biogas cogeneration, Portugal

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Summary: Portinho da Costa - A Water Treatment Plant that has a cogeneration system that transforms biogas in electric and thermal energy. In the Almada Municipality about 100% of the residual water is treated. This goal was concretized due to a strategy of the municipality to cover all council with treatment systems and a good drainage system, for this, this municipality has four Water Treatment Plants. One of this Water Treatment Plants is the Portinho da Costa, which is ecological and transforms residues in energy.

This Water Treatment Plant has the best and more advanced technologies and, at environmental level, it is very efficient - it has a great treatment efficiency, it is important to mention that the percentage to remove organic substance is superior that 96%; it produces biogas, that is used in a cogeneration system to produce electric energy and heat; it uses the mud to fertilize the land for the agriculture and it reuses the residual water for irrigation of green spaces.

Aims: Keeping in mind, the energetic efficiency, the use of renewable sources and the need of the municipal intervention to reduce the greenhouse gases effects, Almada Municipality decided, in 2001, to elaborate a 'Municipal Inventory of the Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in Almada'. With this document it was possible to identify the energetic demand and the greenhouse gases emissions, per economic sectors in Almada.

In the Inventory it was mentioned that the Residues Sector was responsible for 1.2% of the total emissions of greenhouse gases although the existents water treatment plants don't have capacity to treat all the residual water of the council. Thus it was necessary to build a new water treatment plant to cover all council residual water treatment without increase the greenhouse gases emissions.

The Portinho da Costa water treatment plant was built with the installation of a cogeneration system that convert biogas in electricity and heat. The biogas is produced by the anaerobic digestion of the mud comings from the residual water treatment.

This Water Treatment Plant covers 24% of residual water treatment in Almada Municipality. With the construction of this plant the Municipality obtain 100% of the residual water treatment without increase the greenhouse gases emissions.

Summary of Results: With the use of a cogeneration system, in the Portinho da Costa Water Treatment Plant, the consumptions of natural gas and electric energy was reduced 67%, in terms of watts this is equivalent at a reduction 2000 MWh per year. At environmental level, this reduction is quantified in terms of greenhouse gases emissions, and with the use of this technology the emissions decrease 39% and in terms of CO2, that it is equivalent at a reduction of 687 tons of CO2.

With this Water Treatment Plant the Municipality of Almada has, now, all residual water treated, without more greenhouse gases emissions, due to the installation of a cogenerations system that transform biogas in electric and thermal energy.


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