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Programmes and Projects: SURFENERGY - Advanced Tools for SURFace Finishing Processes to Optimise ENERGY Efficiency


SurfEnergy is a free resource that aims to contribute to strengthening competitiveness in the main target groups of surface engineering and printed circuit board industries by achieving the wide introduction of energy efficiency measures.

The project supports the introduction of energy efficiency measures by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Surface Finishing and Printed Circuit manufacturing industry sectors. The aim is to increase the awareness of manufacturing companies to the introduction of energy management systems and the potential benefits that could result. The project outputs will provide options for energy efficiency solutions, based on analysis and detailed understanding of generic production processes currently in use.

SurfEnergy addresses non-technological barriers to the introduction of energy efficiency measures through the main project actions: an interactive software toolkit; process benchmarking; intelligence on emerging technologies; integration with environmental assessment. The toolkit will be rigorously evaluated in SME end-user applications testing during the second half of the project.

Targeted dissemination through trade associations and other routes will increase awareness directly within industrial manufacturing SMEs. The strategic aims will support European Policy objectives on energy efficiency and increasing competitiveness.


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