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Good Practice: Walking the Talk - Industrial Carbon-saving Initiatives in Southern Denmark

Walking the Talk - Industrial Carbon-saving Initiatives in Southern Denmark

Walking the Talk
Industrial Carbon-saving Initiatives in Southern Denmark

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"Walking the Talk" was published at the occasion of COP15 by: Green Network, Grønt Netværk Sønderjylland, Miljøforum Fyn, Miljønetværk Syd, Denmark
ISBN: 978-87-993536-1-3

This 30 page book was published with support from:
12 companies act on corporate responsibility

Companies in the south of Denmark all have an important role to play with respect to Climate Change – like all other businesses.

As the organizations focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the environment impact is reduced and they benefit from reduced energy consumption and an improved bottom line.

The measures applied are many: behavioral and organization, energy sound design and renovation, intelligent use of new technology, renewable energy sources etc.

A key objective of the four environmental associations in the south of Denmark, Miljøforum Fyn, Miljønetværk Syd, Grønt Netværk Sønderjylland og Green Network, is
to support the companies in improving environmental performance. The associations have established a joint project on Climate Change for efficient and intelligent use of energy resources. The project is supported by the Regional fund of EU.

This publication is part of the project together with the site – where companies may be inspired or present energy saving projects in a simple way. The authors hope that managers and energy responsibles in the companies in Denmark and abroad may get inspired to seek wise answers to the corporate responsibility for our common Climate.

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