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Energy Efficient Technologies
Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems

Also indexed as: CEMS : Certified Energy Management Systems : EMS

Industry and Commerce are, in general, poor at managing their energy resource. Effective management of energy can save up to 20% of energy costs in a business. It can be applied through developing a management champion and teams, setting targets to achieve, careful measurement and reporting of performance.

A topic of great interest throughout European industry is the recently launched standard for certified energy management systems EN16001. The standard is the first of two outlining the framework for working systematically with energy improvements within an organisation (ISO50001 is scheduled to follow in 2011).

Designed to fit into the design of the most recognized system for the management systems, as ISO14001 or ISO9001, the new framework for energy management systems may be introduced to most manufacturing organisations with limited costs. In turn, integrating a lean and efficient system for controlling energy costs and reducing consumption with existing systems in place is a profitable business.

The business case is attractive and relevant both for ETS members experiencing the future challenge for compliance as well as for any other industry that seeks a practical tool to keep on track for managing emissions and operating costs.

Case Studies & Reports

Programmes and Projects

Programme for Improving Energy Efficiency in Energy Intensive Industries (PFE), Sweden

Indo-German Energy Programme

Reduced Energy Consumption in Plastics Engineering (RECIPE)

ENER-Plast: Instruments for reducing the Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions of the polymer industry and supply chain

Case Studies

Good Practice: Sustainable Design of a new manufacturing facility - Pharmaceutical, China

Good Practice: Sustainable Design of a new manufacturing facility - Pharmaceuticals, Ireland

Good Practice: Walking the Talk - Industrial Carbon-saving Initiatives in Southern Denmark

WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) Case Studies

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Request For Proposal to convert a Hotel to Renewable Energy

Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings, China

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SEC - Sofia Energy Centre


ERM - Energy Resources Management


KAPE SA - Krajowa Agencja Poszanowania Energii SA Polish National Energy Conservation Agency


IDMEC-IST - Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica, Pólo IST


Hriňovská Energetická, sro Intech Slovakia srl - Energy Group - Biofuels


Steng-nacionalni center za cistejso proizvodnjo doo Steng-National Cleaner Production Centre Ltd


AIMPLAS - Technological Institute of Plastics


Envima (Thailand) Co Ltd