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Sustainable Energy Technologies

Also indexed as: SETs

The evolving carbon markets, including the EU ETS and CDM markets can offer suppliers of Sustainable Energy Technologies (SETs) with new market opportunities. SETatWork aims to provide SET providers with a portal for establishing new business relations and enhancing dissemination of innovative energy solutions.

The SETatWork Database helps technology providers gain access to new opportunities for selling climate friendly energy products.

Add your company to the SETatWork Database as a SET Provider

If you are a supplier of sustainable energy technology, providing equipment within any of the target areas as listed below, you can establish a company profile to advertise your products by submitting details of projects you have been involved in as Case Studies.

Relevant technologies:

A database of Technology Providers has been created on this website. By registering with the SETatWork database and completing the Case Study Form you can request an entry containing the following information linked to your projects:

  1. Short profile of your company
  2. Description of your Technology
  3. Contact information
  4. Link to your company homepage
  5. Details of projects where your Technology has been used

Case Studies & Reports

Project Partners Requests

Request For Proposal to convert a Hotel to Renewable Energy

Technology & Service Providers


Biotec Sys srl

ENEA - Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development



Big Power Müller


Institut Jozef Stefan Energy Efficiency Centre