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Heat Generation, Recovery and Use
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Coal Mining
Coal Combustion

Coal Mining

The extraction of coal can be energy intensive. There are now a number of technologies that can help optimise this process and hence help to reduce emissions. These include pre-mining gasification and the integrated recovery of both coal and methane.

Case Studies & Reports

Programmes and Projects

CDM Project Database

Methane to Markets Project Database - Global

Case Studies

Good Practice: Coal bed methane utilisation, Slovakia

Project Partners Requests

PI: Abatement of VAM emissions and generating hot water from the energy released in VAM oxidation, China

Advanced, 6-MW ventilation air methane (VAM) oxidizer and electricity generation, China

Methane to LNG, Zory Abandoned Coal Mine, Poland

Publications and Other Reports

Carbon Capture and Storage in View of EU Climate Policy and Directive 2009/31/EC

Technology & Service Providers


West Cliff Mine (BHP Billiton)


CCII - China Coal Information Institute




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