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Agro-industry and Forest Industry
Bioconversion of Biomass
Biomass and Bioenergy
Combustion Technology
Thermochemical conversion of biomass
Forestry and Energy Crops

Forestry and Energy Crops

Also indexed as: Energy Crops and Forestry Products

Wood can be used as a fuel both as a by-product from forestry operations and as a crop grown in its own right. Other crops can also be grown for energy purposes (e.g. oil seeds, sweet sorghum, etc). Combustion is the most common technology used to extract the energy but there is also a range of other technologies that can be used depending on the end use energy requirement (gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, fermentation, etc).

Case Studies & Reports

Programmes and Projects

ManagEnergy - Supporting Local and Regional Energy Actors

Programme for Basic Energy and Conservation (ProBEC), Southern African Development Community (SADC) Member States

Case Studies

Good Practice: Electricity production from wind turbines in the forest industry, Sweden

Good Practice: Conversion of energy source from fossil fuel to biomass combustion, Slovakia

Good Practice: Installation of a new boiler for biomass combustion, Slovakia

Good Practice: Construction of biomass boiler plant and extension of existing heat supply network, Bulgaria

Good Practice: Installation of a biomass fueled boiler to substitute liquid fuel boiler, Bulgaria

Good Practice: Public-private Partnership Leading to a New CHP Plant Utilising Fibre Sludge and Biomass, Sweden

Good Practice: Implementation of Biomass-coal Co-firing System in ZVTP a.s. Zvolen, Slovak Republic

Good Practice: Implementation of Biomass-coal Co-firing System in Hodonin, EHO CEZ, Czech Republic

Project Partners Requests

PIN: Co-production of Bioethanol and co-firing using pellets bagasse's residues, Thailand

PIN: Agri-pellets for cofiring in China

PIN: Co-firing in carbon power plant with agri-pellets and ethanol production, India

Technology & Service Providers


Skoda Praha Invest sro




ETA Florence - Renewable Energies


Ministry of the Environment of Poland Biuro Edukacji Ekologicznej i Komunikacji Spolecznej


Bučina Zvolen as

HandlovskŠ energetika sro


Katrinefors Kraftvšrme AB