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Case Studies & Reports

Technology & Service Providers

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Heat Generation, Recovery and Use
Renewable Energy Technologies
Biomass and Bioenergy
Bioconversion of Biomass
Forestry and Energy Crops
Liquid Biofuels
Thermochemical conversion of biomass

Biomass and Bioenergy

EUBIA - European Biomass Industry Association BELGIUM

Case Studies & Reports

Programmes and Projects

SETIS - the Information System of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

Methane to Markets Project Database - Global

ManagEnergy - Supporting Local and Regional Energy Actors

The Nordic Environmental Finance Corporation (NEFCO)

Programme for Basic Energy and Conservation (ProBEC), Southern African Development Community (SADC) Member States

Renewable energy in Chile

Energy and Eco-Efficiency in Agro-Industry (E3Agro), Thailand

The Biomass Partnership Project

Case Studies

Good Practice: PGE Turów Power Plant, Poland

Good Practice: PGE Kielce CHP, Poland - New renewable energy generating capacity installed - biomass displacing higher emitting sources

Good Practice: Energy efficient evaporation plant at Värö Mill, Sweden

Good Practice: Bio-refining, Sweden

Good Practice: Biotrans, Energy efficiency in Dairy Plant, Sweden

Good Practice: Floka Waste to Energy (W2E) facility, Chile

Good Practice: Co-firing in carbon power plant with agri-pellets and ethanol, India

Good Practice: Cofiring in carbon power plant with agri-pellets, China

Good Practice: Biomass Forest Residues Plant, Mortágua, Portugal

Good Practice: Landfill biogas to produce electricity and heat, Sermonde, Portugal

Good Practice: Portinho da Costa - A Water Treatment Plant with a biogas cogeneration, Portugal

Good Practice: Shandong Shanxian 1*25MW Biomass Power Plant, Peoples Republic of China

Good Practice: Fuel switch from fossil fuel to biomass combustion, Slovakia

Good Practice: Conversion of energy source from fossil fuel to biomass combustion, Slovakia

Good Practice: Walking the Talk - Industrial Carbon-saving Initiatives in Southern Denmark

Good Practice: Installation of a new boiler for biomass combustion, Slovakia

Good Practice: Construction of biomass boiler plant and extension of existing heat supply network, Bulgaria

Good Practice: Installation of a biomass fueled boiler to substitute liquid fuel boiler, Bulgaria

Good Practice: Dan Chang Bio-Energy Cogeneration project (DCBC), Thailand

Good Practice: Chumporn applied biogas technology for advanced wastewater management project, Thailand

Good Practice: AT Biopower Rice Husk Power Project in Pichit, Thailand

Good Practice: Renewable energy power project for power generation and export of clean power to Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh (APTRANSCO), India

Good Practice: SRGEL Non-conventional Energy Sources Biomass Power Project, India

Good Practice: Demonstration of an optimised system for biogas from biological waste and agricultural feedstock, Sweden

Good Practice: Public-private Partnership Leading to a New CHP Plant Utilising Fibre Sludge and Biomass, Sweden

Good Practice: Implementation of Biomass-coal Co-firing System in Hodonin, EHO CEZ, Czech Republic

CDM projects in Chile: Investigation of potential of biogas production from waste as a CDM project

WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) Case Studies

Project Partners Requests

Request For Proposal to convert a Hotel to Renewable Energy

Okhla Landfill in Delhi, India

Landfill in Mielec, Poland

Energy Policy Study / Clean Energy Technology - China

Waste heat for power generation, China

PIN: Co-production of Bioethanol and co-firing using pellets bagasse's residues, Malaysia

PIN: Agri-pellets for cofiring in China

PIN: Co-firing in carbon power plant with agri-pellets and ethanol production, India

PIN: Tongliao amylum alcohol factory sewage disposal project, China

Mini PIN: Pig Farms Manure Biogas Project, Thailand

Mini PIN: Municipality#1 MSW Treatment Plant Project, Thailand

Mini PIN: Biomass Power Company (BPC) #2: 9.9 MW Rice husk Fired Power Plant Project, Thailand

Mini PIN: Biomass Power Company (BPC) #1: 9.5 MW Rice husk Fired Power Plant Project, Thailand

Mini PIN: Ethanol Holding Group (EHG) #1: Biomass Cogeneration and Biogas System for Ethanol Plant Project, Thailand

Mini PIN: Energy Industrial Park (EIP) #1: Biogas Electricity Generation Plant and Biomass fired Boiler Plant for Ethanol Plant Project, Thailand

Mini PIN: Palm Oil Company (POC) #4: Biogas Electricity Generation Plant Project, Thailand

Mini PIN: Palm Oil Company (POC) #3: Biogas Electricity Generation Plant Project, Thailand

Mini PIN: Palm Oil Company (POC) #2: Energy System Optimization and Cogeneration Plant Project, Thailand

Mini PIN: Palm Oil Company (POC) #1: 6.6 MW Palm Oil Residues Power Plant Project, Thailand

Publications and Other Reports

European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) - Towards a low carbon future

Renewable Energy Sources in Europe in View of the EU 20-20-20 Target and Directive 2009/28/EC

SETatWork Country Profiles

Sustainable Energy Technologies and RTD practice at the ETS and CDM markets: An inspiration for the various market actors in Europe and the world

Technology & Service Providers


Astebo gmbh

Joanneum Research Institute of Energy Research

LEV - LandesEnergieVerein Steiermark


Österreichische Energieagentur Austrian Energy Agency


EUBIA - European Biomass Industry Association


BulEcoEnergia Company

Chime Ltd

Diavach Ltd

District Heating Bansko Toplofikacia Bansko

Erato Holding Plc



Landfill Gas Canada Ltd


Zhejiang Xizi United Engineering Co Ltd


Elektrarna Hodonin, CEZ, (EHO) CEZ a.s.

Enviros sro

Skoda Praha Invest sro



BWE - Burmeister & Wain Energy A/S

Babcock & Wilcox Volund

DONG Energy

Maskinfabrikken REKA AS



Wärtsilä Corporation Power Plants Division


ADEME - Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie French Environment and Energy Management Agency

Alstom Power SA


RAEE - Rhônalpénergie-Environnement

RIAED s/c - Groupe de recherche et d'échanges technologiques


Aufwind Neue Energien GmbH


DBE Deutsche Bioenergie AG

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH


Epuron GmbH

Evonik New Energie GmbH

GE Jenbacher Germany


ISET eV - Institut für Solare Energieversorgungstechnik

KEWOG Städtebau GmbH Unit ZREU

Schmack Biogas AG

Spectron GmbH

ZAB - ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg GmbH Brandenburg Economic Development Board


CRES - Centre of Renewable Energy Sources


Municipal Corporation of Delhi

PESL - Perpetual Energy Systems Limited

SRGEL - Sree Rayalseema Green Energy Limited

VNV Advisory Services LLP


Biotec Sys srl

ENEA - Energy Technologies, Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving


ETA Florence - Renewable Energies

Franco Tossi Meccanica SPA

JRC - Joint Research Center Institute for Energy (IE)


CEPCO - Chubu Electric Power Co Inc


LEI - Lietuvos energetikos institutas Lithuanian Energy Institute





Ministry of the Environment of Poland Biuro Edukacji Ekologicznej i Komunikacji Spolecznej


EDP Produçao - Bioeléctrica, SA

SMAS - Water and Wastewater Municipal Services



Bioenergia a.s.

Biopellets energy s.r.o.

Bučina Zvolen as

CKD Dukla, Montáze s.r.o.

Danubian Biogas s.r.o.

Handlovská energetika sro

Hriňovská Energetická, sro Intech Slovakia srl - Energy Group - Biofuels

Hrinovská energetická, s.r.o.

Palivá, s.r.o.

Pellettherm, s.r.o.

SES - Slovenské energetické strojárne Inc. Tlmače

Tenergo Brno, a.s.

Thermal Pumps, s.r.o.

ZEN - Zelená energia, s. r. o.


Univerza v Mariboru Fakulteta za Kmetijstvo



Acciona Energía

Bionor Transformación, S.A

Ecoforest S A

Eratic SA

Grupo Guascor


Ingeteam Corporación, SA


Vulcano Sadeca




Alfa Laval

Alstom Power Sweden AB

Chematur Engineering AB

Fagersta Energetics AB

Hotab Group

Jernforsen Energisystem AB


Katrinefors Kraftvärme AB

Läckeby Water Group

Malmberg Water AB

Megtec Systems AB

Metso Power AB


OES - Opcon Energy Systems AB

Perstorp BioProducts

Petrokraft AB

Pilum Technologies AB

SWECO Energuide


Saxlund International AB

Scandinavian Biogas

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB


Svensk Växtkraft AB

Swedish Biogas International AB

Södra Cell AB

Vattenfall Power Consultant

Veå AB

ÅF group


AT Biopower Co Ltd

Chumporn Palm Oil Industry Public Company Limited

Dan Chang Bio-Energy Co Ltd

Envima (Thailand) Co Ltd

Korat Waste To Energy Company Limited

Natural Power Co Ltd

Royal Danish Embassy Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Siam Scandinavian Construction and Business Co Ltd

The Creagy Company Limited


Cogenco Limited

ENER-G Combined Power

EcoSecurities Group Ltd

Evolution Markets London - Regional Office

GFI Ltd Europe Offices

Spectron Energy Services Ltd


EnCon Services International - Washington