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SETatWork Database

The SETatWork Database contains information about Sustainable Energy Technology and Service Providers as well as details of organisations, projects and case studies to help you find funding, advice, background information and support for both in-house and third-party Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy projects in the Carbon Markets (EU ETS, CDM and JI).

The database links in with and supports the Assessment Tool, which has been designed to help you find the most economical option for you to answer your CO2 emission problems, leading to reduction of emissions through investing in either internal or external projects.

Further information about SETatWork activities, including Country Profiles, Training Materials and Workshops, as well as Project Broker match-making activities and events can be found in the main SETatWork website by clicking on SETatWork Home at the top of each page.

SETatWork has an emphasis on helping to improve energy efficiency in companies covered by the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS). Similar information on action at a local or regional level can be found the ManagEnergy website at

The SETatWork Database currently contains information about:

You can access the data directly via the Main Menu options described above, or search by Country and/or Keyword for:

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