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You can access information in this database using the menu to the left of each page, as follows:

  1. Technologies - Find Sustainable Energy Technology Providers and related services, case studies, etc by navigating the database based on the relevant technology.
  2. Advisory Services - Find Service Providers offering Energy, Carbon Markets and Financial Advice, including consultants, energy service companies (ESCos), and project management companies, as well as related case studies and reports by navigating the database based on the type of advice or service required.
  3. Carbon Markets - Find service providers, case studies and reports in the EU ETS, CDM and JI carbon markets by navigating the database based on the Carbon Market criteria.
  4. Funds & Finance - Find details of funds, financing and financial service providers for Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficiency projects by navigating the database based on the type of funding required.
  5. Industry Sectors - Find Technology and Service Providers, Case Studies and Other Reports relevant to or with experience in specific Industry sectors by navigating the database based on the relevant sector.
  6. Training & Tools - In this section you will find links to Training Materials, Tools and Other Applications developed by SETatWork, other EC-funded projects and other third party organisations which may be of use when developing sustainable energy projects in the Carbon Markets.
  7. Partner Search - Search by Country and Keywords for Project Proposers, Project Ideas and Technology and Service Providers, for your Sustainable Energy, EU ETS, CDM and JI projects, including those looking for technologies, services, advice and collaboration.
  8. Case Studies Search - Search by Country and Keywords for Good Practice, Case Studies and other documents detailing projects, publications, events, websites and other information within the scope of the SETatWork Project.
  9. Project Search - Search by Country and Keywords for European, National and Global projects and related to Energy Efficiency, Carbon Markets and Sustainable Energy Technologies which may be of interest within the scope of SETatWork.

    You can also use the Keyword Menu and Index to access information about Technology and Service Providers and find Case Studies and other reports directly:
  10. Keyword Index - Click on the Keyword Index link at the top of each page to find a list of Keywords in alphabetical order - then click on a Keyword to find all the information indexed by that word
  11. Keyword Menu - Alternatively, you can navigate Keyword entries using menus to locate relevant Organisations and Reports. The Keyword Menu link takes you to the main Keyword Menu allowing you to navigate hierarchically through the Keyword criteria.

    And you can find Country Specific information by clicking on the Country in the address of a Technology or Service Provider and by going to the SETatWork Country pages in the Database.

  12. SETatWork Country Pages

    In addition,

  13. You can use the Search box (above left) from any page of this website. This "Embedded Word Search" function is powered by the Google Search Engine

SETatWork has an emphasis on helping to improve energy efficiency in companies covered by the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS). Similar information on action at a local or regional level can be found on the ManagEnergy website at