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Läckeby Water Group

Mosekrogsvägen 2
SE-380 31 Läckeby
Tel: +46 46 19 19 70

Main Contact
   Martin HAGBYHN


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Advice: Sustainable Energy : Biogas : Biomass and Bioenergy : Engineering : Renewable Energy Technologies : Wastes and Residues

Further Information

Läckeby Water Group is an independent, privately-owned Swedish group, which offers contracting, products and servicing for water treatment and biogas production. The organisations is established on three continents and have to date completed contracts in 70 countries worldwide.

Läckeby Water Group has three brands: Purac for contracting business, Läckeby Products for key products and Läckeby Service for service. Turnover during 2006 exceeded 60mEUR and the total number of employees is around 200.

Purac deals with contracting for treatment of wastewater, process water and drinking water, as well as treatment of biological waste. Lp Cooab is a technology for the treatment of biogas. DAF and Flofilter; separation of suspended solids, GEWE; Lamella Sedimentation System, DeAmmon; nitrogen-reduction process, DAFRapide; flotation process.

Läckeby Products develops solutions for of water and sludge. Läckeby Products designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of mechanical treatment products for treatment of wastewater, drinking water and process water, as well as the treatment of sludge in industrial and municipal operations.

Läckeby Service division offers service, maintenance, renovation and rebuilding of water and wastewater treatment works, pumping stations, etc. Läckeby Service also handle operational contracts of wastewater, water and drinking water plants, as well as biological plants.