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Katrinefors Kraftvärme AB

Box 102
SE-542 21 Mariestad
Tel: +46 501 637 11 Fax: +46 501 39 34 40

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Biomass and Bioenergy : Combined Heat and Power : District Heating and Cooling : Forestry and Energy Crops : Heat Generation, Recovery and Use : Industrial Combined Heat and Power : Paper and Pulp Industries : Polygeneration : Power Generation and Use : Utility Systems : Waste to Energy : Wastes and Residues

Further Information

In 1993 the establishment of district heating started in Mariestad, Sweden. To develop the district heating network a new production system was needed. This was the first step towards today's new combined heat and power (CHP) plant. The only suitable location for the plant was in the middle of the community at Metsä Tissue, the paper industrial plant, so the scheme would require their co-operation. A feasibility study assessed that the best solution was to build a plant for both the community district heating and the paper plant. This meant that the new plant had to be able to supply steam which would give the opportunity to generate electricity as well as heat. A new company was founded, Katrinefors Kraftvärme AB which is owned jointly by Metsä Tissue and the local community owned utility MTEAB.

Case Studies & Reports

Case Studies

Good Practice: Public-private Partnership Leading to a New CHP Plant Utilising Fibre Sludge and Biomass, Sweden