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ITC - Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias SA
Canary Islands Technological Institute

Cebrián, 3 - 1° (first floor)
Las Palmas
ES-35003 Gran Canaria
Tel: +34 9283 799 00 Fax: +34 9283 798 13

Main Contact
   Director of the R&D Division


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Engineering : Innovation : Renewable Energy Technologies : Research and Technological Development : Technology Transfer : Training

Further Information

ITC is a state owned company, created by the Canary Islands Government by means of Decree 130/1992 of 30th July. Its activities are in the fields of Research, Development and Innovation, providing services to companies in the Canary Islands. It is attached to the regional Ministry of Employment, Industry and Trade

The mission of the ITC, approved by the Board of Directors, is to "Lead Innovation and Technology Transfer in strategic sectors which favour the competitiveness and the Sustainable Development of the Canary Islands and of its geographical and cultural environment, while maintaining Excellence in Management."

ITC has a staff of 214 who are, for the most part, highly-qualified graduates currently working on various projects and services within in three divisions:

ITC responds to the needs identified for the key sectors involved in the development of the Canary Islands including energy, business development, training and new technological sectors.

The purpose of the R & D Division is to develop and provide incentives for research activities and services which, directly or indirectly, will support the industrial development of the Canary Islands, with special emphasis on applied research and transfer of R+D to the companies of the Islands.

The activities of this Division fall within the competence of the departments of Renewable Energies, Water Technologies, Environmental Analysis, Biotechnology, Biomechanics, Software & Instrumentation.

Case Studies & Reports

Programmes and Projects

EIFN - Energy Innovative Financial Network