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APA - Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente

Rua da Murgueira, 9/9A
PT-2611865 Amadora


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Advice: Carbon Market : EU ETS : Energy Efficient Technologies : NGOs, Charities and Agencies : Wastes and Residues

Further Information

The Portuguese Environment Agency is responsible for proposing, developing and monitoring the implementation of environmental policies, particularly in the context of the integration of environment into sectoral policies, including tackling climate change, waste management, environmental safety, voluntary environmental management.

In the area of climate change in the APA is the Competent Authority for the EU-ETS (European Trading Scheme) with responsibilities for national coordination system and administration of the National Register of Emission Trading Scheme. It is also the Competent Authority for the SNIERPA (National Inventory of anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks of air pollutants), through which it is done in monitoring compliance with the Kyoto targets.