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SETatWork Country Profiles


The technology needs in the EU ETS & CDM markets were identified in 2008/9 and profiles and priorities for SETatWork target countries can be found below. Some of these were also updated in 2010.

For each country, SETatWork partners have created a detailed Country Profile Report and, as part of the preparations for COP15 in December 2009, partners developed summary Fact Sheets and Presentations for their countries.

In addition, an overview map and charts illustrating the SETatWork Priorities is available for most of the target countries.

Map and charts of SETatWork Priorities

Details of Technology & Service Providers, Case Studies & Reports (listed by Keyword) can be found on the relevant country page of the SETatWork Database.

These materials, as well as an introduction to the background and content of the Country Profile Reports, can be accessed by clicking on the links in the section below.

Profiles for SETatWork Target Countries

The Country Profiles, Charts and other documents for SETatWork Countries listed below will open in a new window. The countries are split into two sections:

EU Countries

Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Germany Italy Poland Portugal Slovakia Sweden
CDM Countries

Chile China India Ghana Tanzania Thailand
Background to the Country Profile Reports

The aim of the country profiles is to provide an overview of the carbon markets in countries covered by the European Union's Emission Trading Scheme and selected countries in Asia and South America with focus on Research and Technological Development (RTD) needs, implementation options and perspectives associated with energy efficiency and savings in the carbon market (both in the short and medium-long term). In addition to the country profiles for individual countries, the SETatWork consortium provides an overview, developed by FutureCamp, of the European Union National Allocation Plans (NAP II). A further detailed description of the ASEAN countries will be provided by CEERD in due course.

The main target group of the country profiles are companies (financial investors, project developers, technology providers, ESCos, consultants, etc.), organisations and administrations that are interested in a short overview of information relevant to the development of carbon projects and markets in the selected countries or regions. This information may also be of interest to readers from other countries who wish to obtain an overview of the country, as well as for national readers that need to have information on the national developments.

Each of the profiles developed by SETatWork contains the information listed below:

  1. Introduction
  2. General Overview
    1. National strategies for fulfilling GHG emission reduction targets
    2. The energy sector
    3. Other Industry
    4. Conclusion
  3. Legislation
    1. Relevant legislation related to climate change and the country's NAP
    2. Legislation for the promotion of CHP and renewables
  4. Financial Market
  5. National Situation in the Carbon Markets
    1. Description of the country's NAP
    2. Strategies at company level for complying with ETS requirement
    3. Possibilities for emission reduction initiatives in the ETS sectors
  6. Companies in the Carbon Markets
  7. R&D Priorities
  8. Links to Relevant and Related Websites
  9. References

This information has been updated from the country profiles produced in 2007/8 as part of the T@W project.

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